About Us

Welcome to GCS' Global Intelligence Unit (GIU), where data meets human insight. Covering key trends and insights on global mobility and investment migration, our mission is simple: to guide individuals and organizations through the complexities of international relocation with clarity and confidence.

At GIU, we explore the evolving landscape of global mobility, producing data-driven reports that highlight key trends and developments. But our work isn't just about data—it's about the stories behind the numbers. We engage with a diverse network of professionals, from industry leaders to scholars and migration experts, capturing their firsthand experiences and the latest insights.

Our research is a collaborative journey. Through interviews and partnerships, we weave in knowledge that reflects the real-world challenges and opportunities in our field. This collaborative approach ensures that our insights are not just informative but also practical and actionable.

We see ourselves as a beacon of knowledge in the global mobility sector. Our work helps shape strategic decisions, offering a nuanced understanding of trends, legal landscapes, and market conditions. By predicting future mobility trends and ensuring compliance with changing laws, we provide our clients and the broader community with the tools they need for informed decision-making.

In essence, the GIU is more than a research unit—it's a vital resource for navigating the complex world of global mobility. We are dedicated to making a substantial impact, supporting our clients as they navigate their global journeys with insight and assurance.


Laura Madrid

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Laura Madrid Sartoretto holds a PhD in International Migration from UFRGS and an LL.M in Public International Law from University College London. She is an expert in Project Management with additional training in data analysis and AI. Laura has participated in research projects at the University of Bremen and Cornell University and has served as a consultant for international organizations, including the OIM, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank. An expert lawyer in migration law, she has published extensively on the subject. Currently, Laura leads the Global Intelligence Unit at Global Citizen Solutions.